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Worm problem

Worms are great right? So what's the problem?
After every big rain we have hundreds upon hundreds of worms coming out of our front lanscapeing areas onto out walkway, driveway, under the garage doors and even up our steps to our front door. Once out they dry up and stick to the surfaces like glue. We need to get out our powerwasher to remove them.
It's a really disgusting sight to see. We figured after the first few times it would eventually stop but it's going on two years now with no improvement.
Any ideas to keep them away from our walkway or control their numbers would be very welcome.

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Just drag the hose out after it rains. Most people don't have earth worms or maybe your kids could advertise for fishermen and make some pocket change.

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Please post discussions once, thanks. Here is an ongoing discussion on the same topic:


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