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Soil Improvement for Ornamental Planting

I'm doing a design for a back garden which has been covered by teram and stones for at least 1yr. Any suggestions how to improve the soil?

Currently I'm planning to propose soil improvement with compost and blood, fish and bone fertiliser. Any recommendations for quantities to mix, per m sq??

Any help would be huuuugely appreciated! :lol:

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How much compost to use is pretty much dependent on how much you have. You can't really over do it, plants will grow in pure compost (though personally mine with no tumbling, comes out pretty dense and is better mixed with regular soil).

The bone meal is pretty basic/ alkaline. It depends on what you want to grow, but lots of veggies don't like alkaline. Fruit bushes, lilac, hydrangeas do like it, in which case use more or less 1 oz per m sq.

Blood meal is a fast release high nitrogen source, can burn things if over done. Suggestion is usually .5 - 1 kg / 10 m sq.
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