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10 ft by 20 ft yard space help

I am new to this and to the memphis tn area (zip code 38016). I live in a zero lot line house and I need help in making my extremely small space more attractive. the space seems to hold on to too much water in certain spots. I am wondering if I should put in new sod and if so, should I put sand down first. any help is appreciated :D jr1955

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No answers, but I have a similar situation -- only with a 70 pound german shepherd mutt and a 50 pound pitbull thrown into the mix. I'm interested to see folks' suggestions.

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Some photos of your yard would be helpful. How much shade do you have, any existing landscaping, where your patio is, etc.

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Is the "yard" north of the house? south? east? west? Each of these situations would most likely need a different solution due to the sun exposure throughout the year.

Are there other buildings/large trees shading the 20' x 10' area? From which direction(s)?

Please provide as much info as possible. I'll try to dig up a list of questions I posted a while back, but I know these were on it....

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You could turn the area into a patio area with wooden decking - or slabs, stone chippings etc.

And then place some well chosen garden furniture out there - such as a nice table and chairs - or a garden bench.

These type of things can be both attractive - and practicle. A nice area in which to relax in the sun with a nice book, or in which to entertain a few friends.

Dependng on the size of the area you could leave a small area to bed some plants or small trees - to keep that bit of colour in your garden.

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I am somewhat with digme above...

Think about how you would like to use your outdoor space to eat out there or to sit and read or what.

You could do the deck/patio kind of idea, or you could save a little bit of lawn to put your chair and table or bench or whatever on. The deck/patio would be more $$/work initially but less maintenance after that.

But think about your little seating space as being kind of tucked into a plant grotto. Use lots of trellises to give you some vertical growing space. Hang baskets for color and greenery up at eye level. Hang bird feeders including humming bird feeders. You could put an arbor over the whole seating area for shade and hanging things from as well as grow vines up and over. (probably then you are doing the deck/patio/gravel kind of idea under the arbor as you will be making it too shady for lawn).

It could be gorgeous!


except for the big trees in the background, this is probably not much more space than you are talking about!

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One thing you can do is to put down gravel with soil on top of it and reseed. You may be able to put in some french drains.

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