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Clogged Drain

I had a drain installed in my back yard about 10 years ago. It is clogged with silt. I have tried to run a hose in it but there is not enough pressure to run out the silt.

What is the best way to slear it out?

I am hopping there is a better way that renting a snake.

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You might want to dig down along the drain line and use a pressure washer or a snake. More than likely it is built up near the end. That's where you start and work your way backwards along the drain.

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I like BT's snake; see what you can do there, maybe with the water from behind and snake below... just be ready to move... :lol:

This also assumes that the loading hasn't collapsed the pipe (someone drives on it or they use the wrong, cheaper pipe and it collapses in back filling) Seen it a bunch of times before...


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