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How can I get the correct drainage

Hello all , this is my first visit to a forum of any type. I am in a quandery , I have asked advise from many different sources and all give a different answer. My garden slopes towards the house and is on a clay bed . I wish to turf the garden with a good quality fine blade of turf but what I don't not want is a soggy garden in the winter which will ruin the turf and in the summer something which will dry out and cause uneven lumps on the surface . Can you recommend the best way to create drainage and irrrigate. I accept that we will need to bring in diggers and have some extensive work undertaken...... All I would like is some nice lush green turfed lawn.

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Dig a trench and lay some French tiles and put gravel on top with a thin layer of soil on top of that so the water drains away to a lower point since water seeks the lowest point possibly creating a swale. Lawns do not have to be level.

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