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Removing grass from around trees that I need to save!

My project involves installing a flower bed surrounding a line of trees that boarder a sidewalk. (approx 1'200sf of flower bed). I'm having trouble removing the grass roots without damaging the tree roots. My worry is creating a moisture barrier if I leave the grass roots, also the grass growing back up through the two inches of compost/top soil that I plan on bringing in. Any suggestions on how to remove the grass roots? Do I have valid concerns? :? I have killed the grass, but digging or hoeing is really tough to do without damaging the tree roots. can I leave them there?
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weed control

Off hand, if the trees are well established, I'd try solarizing. Lay down clear plastic over the areas where you want to get rid of grass roots and bury them around the edges so it's tight to the ground. Leave it for a few weeks. It will heat up under the plastic and cook the grass. It only heats the top few inches, so if your trees are well established wtih deep roots it won't hurt them. You just won't want the plastic too close up against the trees, so probably a bunch of strips of plastic between the trees and just dig or hoe the grass out right around the trees.

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