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new yard

Hi everyone,

We have 3.5 acres in Northern Alberta, Canada. The "lawn" is some grass, with lots of weeds (clover) and covers almost 2 acres. Beyond that is 1 acre of mown down weeds (was 6 foot high sweet clover last summer). We would like to turn that acre into lawn/gardens. What's the best way to go about it? Till it all under? The ground is pretty rocky/clay so I image we may have to bring in some topsoil? Was thinking of covering it all in thick mulch (we have LOTS of trees from the neighbour we could chip up and spread on top).

For a garden back there I'm thinking of putting down a thick layer of straw and making a few raised beds on top (just dirt mounded on top, probably 6 4' by 4') and grow my pumpkins and zucchins out there.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

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Mulch wood be good but remember it lowers the nitrogen so whatever you plant just make certain you ad some. Get some honeybees if you have that much clover and they'll give you something sweet to eat over the winter. Try to find a farmer that has manure sitting around, you just don't want any "dirt" then till it all under but wait a year until after you spread the wood chips.

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