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Irrigation Question

Hi. I had a lawn sprinkler irrigation system professionally installed but I'm a bit of a DIY'er so I want to maintain it myself. Every year I struggle getting it running and every year I struggle getting someone reliable to come out and fine-tune it. The pros are booked doing big jobs - by the time they get to me the summer heat has done its' damage to my yard and plants. This year is no different. Can anyone suggest a book that can take a novice like me and teach me the maintenance and troubleshooting aspects of irrigation? All the books I see spend most of the time explaining how to plan and set-up an irrigation system. I just want to maintain it and fix the issues that arise. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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the guy who installed mine gave me the manuals. There wasone for the control box and another for the sprinkler heads. I think I have 7 different heads and the pamphlet well explains them. Can you find a name on the control box? My controller and heads were made by the same company.

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Most of the time you can go to the website whose products were used. I like the Rainbird site a lot. If you are looking to adjust heads, adjust your timers, etc... that is explained pretty well and is pretty straight forward. It depends on what you are trying to do to the system. Most of the time, adjustments are fairly simple and just take time. If you can't find the information you need on one of the websites, Lowe's or Home Depot employees can give you basic information on your system usually.

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