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greetings, hope everyone is enjoying the dirt.. I am looking for some ground cover suggestions for area surrounding my Rhody and lilac trees, the ground cover can be stepped on. I really don't want put pavers or flagstone to make paths . so a dense tight ground cover that has a little would be good. I'm in mukilteo Washington. not sure what zone that is.

thanks much!! :D

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You might want to visit a nursery to see what they are selling to get an idea what will work for you. Ajuga is one genus if it is hardy in your zone.

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Maybe try this...

You might consider liriope muscari (avoid lirope spicata, it is invasive) if liriope muscari is not also invasive in your area. It will take a good deal of shade, especially with fertilization and in my yard is absolutely a polite plant. KS, zone 6A.

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Sounds shadier, so the liriope is a good call...ajuga, lamium, or bearberry (with some more sun) would work as well...


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