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What Kind of Soil?

I'm a novice gardener in Quincy, Massachusetts.

My new house has a big, beautiful front yard with lots of trees, shrubs and flowers. One area, however, has lost a lot of the soil. The tree roots are showing. I would like to bring in some garden fill to cover the roots and plant grass, but I don't know what kind to use. Home Depot, along with the local gardening companies I called sell things like Miracle Gro Garden Soil, loam or compost.

The instructions for all the soils say to mix the garden soil with the existing soil. My problem is there's no existing soil to mix! Is there some soil I can purchase and just place over the existing soil? I'd appreciate any suggestions.



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I would just look for some called "top soil" this time of year you may not be able to find any so you may just have to look at or in your paper for places selling top soil. Sometimes you can just take a pickup truck and getting fairly cheap. You might be able to get some called clean fill dirt and just mix it with those others that your are finding or compost or any organic matter.

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