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My ideal ground cover!

What ground cover would come closest to these specifications? (I know it's impossible to fill all of them)

- Low or very low growing
- Low maintenance perennial
- Evergreen or at least not too ugly in winter.
- Easily established, spreading & vigorous but not invasive (!)
- Tough & hardy; surviving summer heat to 105F; in winter incessant rains then frost to about 15F.
- Offers no threat (windblown seed etc.) to nearby vegetable & flower gardens.

If you're laughing I don't blame you, but any suggestions? An invasion-resistant sun loving moss would be ideal, but I don't know where to find one or how to grow it. The wild moss in my yard confines itself to shady zones. Elsewhere, grass & weeds rule.

I'd love for the mower to rust away in the shed, but please don't suggest gravel :).
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