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Where to find Milky spore?

Can anyone give me an idea where to find Milky spore? I've tried our local farm supply store, Ace, Home Depot and Lowes and a few other local shops and can't find them. Or do I just need to order them online? And wow are they really that expensive. $200 to cover my 1/2 acre? Any sites that are recommended for this and other organic type of solutions since I can't seem to find anything in my area for this stuff. :?

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You definitely want to go to small, independent garden supply/nursery places for supplies like this. The big box stores/chains simply don't "do" organic supplies, in my experience.

Here's a list of St. Louis garden suppliers:

Hartke's and Sherwood's Forest look promising; there may be others hidden in this list as well.

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Lowes has it out my way in southeastern pa. You have an agway near you? They have everything and if they don't have it they can get it for you quick.


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Cynthia is right about the small independent garden supply stores. We purchased milky spore grub mix at our local lumber/garden supply store. However, I did initially check on line and found it available on Amazon:


You've probably already found it; it's been a while since your post!

Good Luck!

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Google it! Have it come to your door.

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Any of the "all natural" products that are available for use are often harder to find because the big stores can not sell enough to make it worth while for their shelf space. Online is a very good option as there are many sites that tailor to organic minded folks.

Milky Spore is definitely the best organic solution for your yard!

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