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Japanese Beetle HELP!!

Ok, so I have detected I have these beetles, there are a ton of them flying around and they are LOUD!!

Is there something I can spray to kill them? I have read that the traps actually attract more and I don't know what else to do. I have worked way too hard to lose my garden to these things!!

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We had them real bad last year too. I put traps out away from our patio in the back corners of the yard and we havent had them at all this year. Last yuear in the fall I sprayed Thuricide (bacillus Thuringiensis) which you can get at any farming store or lowes etc and I sprayed my yard down last year and all my gardens. This is a beneficial bacteria that stays in your soil for a long time and kill sany eggs or larvae that any insect has layed. It worked wonders for my yard. It is made by a company called bonide.


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I just did a post on this subject this morning on my gardening blog.. you might find it helpful:

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