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Decontaminating sprayers

Hi everyone,
I have two sprayers. One is a field sprayer that has had herbicides in it and the other a backpack that has had everything in it. I would like to decontaminate the field sprayer so I can spray compost tea, and perhaps nematodes to my lawn.
I have read that thorough cleaning with ammonia or Clorox will clean it sufficiently. Anyone have any thoughts?



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is there some reason you don't want to simply purchase different ones? it seems to me like there would be residual residue even if you tried cleaning it with something nontoxic, and that cleaning it with clorox or ammonia or similar would not only not be very safe for you (who knows how they would react with the residues already in the sprayer - what kinds of fumes they would produce, etc) but would create new cleaning-product residues that would then affect the compost tea and other organic sprays.

my strong recommendation would be to simply look for new or used ones that don't have the contaminants in the first place.

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Don't let clorox and ammonia come together. They form a deadly gas when mixed.

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I plan to replace the backpak sprayer but the field sprayer is a 55 gal PTO type. Way to expensive to replace.

I'm gona clean it real good with amonia and than rinse a half dozen times with water. I hope that works. I'm trying to transistion to fully organic.


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would it fit in your dishwasher?

EDIT: Oh, sorry! I just noticed it's 55 gals, so I guess not! :oops: How bout using the Magic Eraser? Those little sponges are awesome and remove even the thinnest of residues on surfaces. Look into it.

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