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Alyce clover questions.

I've tried looking up alyce clover and finding out how much nitrogen fixation per acre does alyce do, but to no avail. I find out how much crop residue it would make into hay, the amount of protein it has, what animals like eating it etc but not how much nitrogen it adds to my soil :(

Does anyone know how much N this will add ? (I've also heard it is called buffalo clover besides being called alyce clover) though its actually not a clover as it is a single leaf not a tri-leaf like true clovers.

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Re: Alyce clover questions.

FWIW according to a Japanese agricultural scientific paper, ... _abs03.pdf
Rhizobium B. cepacia (renamed B. dolosa) was isolated from Alysicarpus

...if you follow that clue, you might find more info on their N-fixing performance/potential?

I had to go look in Japanese because only reference I could find to alyce clover was for wildlife and cattle feed plot, with no reference to N-fixation. I hoped for more info in Japanese search since Alysicarpus legumes are native to Asia. (It turns out most clovers are not native to N. America — this is making me rethink my own N-fixer strategies.)

Be sure this won’t become a nuisance weed in your area if you decide to use it — this is probably not as much of an issue when used for feed pasture.
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