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Can we eat white spots curry leaves

Can we eat white spot curry leaves

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Re: Can we eat white spots curry leaves

Welcome to the forum! Still haven't had anyone chime in that had any idea what this disease is.

Here's a link I found showing many citrus diseases, though none appeared like this one - all seem more irregular, not as uniform.

I checked out insects, but nothing like that there - just white eggs on the undersides.

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Re: Can we eat white spots curry leaves

I could not zoom. They look like scale. There are different varieties of scale and they love citrus trees. I rarely get the brown citrus scale but I do get green scale and a lighter tan scale on both the citrus and the bay leaf. The scale do like to congregate in rows on the midrib and veins of the leaf as well as the branches. If they are soft scale you can rub them off. The scale on my bay leaf is a hard scale that does not rub off easily but I can scrape them off with my fingernail (if they are long enough). The one on your plant looks more like the hard scale I have on my bay leaf. Try to see if you can scrape them off the midrib with your fingernail. Hard scale and waxy scales are hard to kill with any pesticide. Even when they are dead, the bodies don't fall off. I usually cut the infested branches off my trees or I use water jets on the soft scale. For the hard and waxy scales, I use a bucket of soapy water and a brush on the stems, cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, or my fingernails to dislodge them from the leaf.

I have to say, I have not seen curry leaves that look like that.
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