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Blueberry eaten by wild rabbit

I planted a tall growing variety of blueberry in the fall. A month ago I discovered that a wild rabbit ate most of the branches. (Old problem in my yard but I didn't know rabbits like blueberry too.) What's left is a single stub, about four inches long. I don't see any buds on it. Does it mean the plant is dead? Or It will it grow new branches from the root?
I have limited space in the garden, so if the plant is doomed, I'd rather use the space for something else while it's early in the season.

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Re: Blueberry eaten by wild rabbit

Give it some time; it is still early in the season; it may come back.

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Re: Blueberry eaten by wild rabbit

Any update, OP? Post a pic of your plant when you can.

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Re: Blueberry eaten by wild rabbit

please post a picture so we can see how your plant is now

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