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Does anyone use a weed torch to destroy weeds?

Hi everyone,

Would love to hear if anyone uses a flamethrower to destroy weeds? Thanks :D

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Never have, but I would assume that the flame thrower destroys everything above ground, but not the roots in the ground. Lots of things will happily come right back from the roots.

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I have a neighbor who uses one to clear the weeds from a brick path. I think if you stay on top of it and the weeds don't get a chance to photosynthesize you can use it to effectively lessen your number of weeds. I use a concoction of horticultural strength vinegar and orange oil on my weeds and honestly I think it mostly just kills the leaves... however the more I've stayed on top of spraying them, the less weeds I have each year so it's worth it to me.

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When I was working we used a weed burner, a small propane tank with a torch attached to burn weeds where we didn't want them, mostly along railroad tracks and driving pathways and along concrete building foundations. Better than spraying chemicals in food processing facility site.

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I use a weed torch as well but I'm not so happy with the result. As mentioned above, if you can stop the photosynthesis the plants will eventually perish. But it takes a lot of time.
And the burner doesn't even kill everything above ground. If you don't stay on top of the weeds for at least 5 to 10 seconds (which is a long period) you won't even kill the whole plant above ground. ( I'm not talking about small seedlings here)

Covering with paper or cardboard has more effect for a longer period.

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.We used a flamer for weeds in the garden. It scorches the top but does not kill the roots of perennial weeds, they just came back stronger. If you use a flamer, it is better on hard surfaces. Someone was using a flamer once and the mulch caught on fire, burned a rosemary and part of the fence. The operator did not even notice since his back was turned and he was about 40 ft away. A couple of people went out and doused the fire. The rosemary eventually died, the fence was a goner.

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Harbor Freight sells a hand held propane burner that shoots flames out the end to burn weeds and grass it is very popular among the local farmers. I think a lawn mower is easier and faster.

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