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Best way to use spent grains?

Hello everyone, I talked to the local micro brewery and they are giving me about four 5 gallon buckets full of spent grains and was wondering the best way to utilize them? I have a couple of compost piles going and I would eventually like to get some worm beds going but just do not have time at the moment. Thanks for all your input.

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Re: Best way to use spent grains?

actually the best use for brewers grain is livestock feed. it retains most of the nutrients as it is the starch which is used by being converted to sugars, then to alcohol. so think low calorie chicken feed.
I would think spent grain could be composted just fine, as a green, directly, as long as it is dried first.

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Re: Best way to use spent grains?

if you just put them in a layer on the ground the worms will come. worms love grains. the local grain elevator is where I go for fish bait. just kick over a pile of rotten grain and there are hundreds if not thousands of worms

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Re: Best way to use spent grains?

Each time I make homemade beer I have 30 lbs of used barley I throw it into the garden and till it in.

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