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Found a good use for wimpy tomato cages!

Have a bunch of +2' tall daisy kinds of things that fall over, sprawl out and look pretty messy. Have a bunch of small, galvanized tomato cages that struggle with a pepper plant. A little bit of effort and one problem solved the other.

Trimmed the cages down to the top 2 hoops with a foot of leg below the lower hoop. Rattle canned them with some self etching primer and a few light coats of rustoleum hunter green. Daisies are standing up and the cages are practically invisible or blend in nicely.

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Re: Found a good use for wimpy tomato cages!

very good and useful idea,

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Re: Found a good use for wimpy tomato cages!

Wow that's an awesome idea! I have about 20 extra of these cages and never know what i should do with them.

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Re: Found a good use for wimpy tomato cages!

If you can find a saucer or bowl of the right size, you can use it as a birdbath, or bird feeder. I've had two of them placed within shrubbery. It's easy to lift off the bowl for cleaning.

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Re: Found a good use for wimpy tomato cages!

Nice ideas for reuse. I don't usually get the cone ones. I use CRW, but sometimes I buy the folding cages and open them up to make a fence for the garden or I can stack them and use them for cucumbers or peas. I never thought about using them to stake flowers though or as a bird bath.
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Re: Found a good use for wimpy tomato cages!

Imafan please; what is CRW?
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Re: Found a good use for wimpy tomato cages!

CRW= concrete reinforcement wire. I use it, as a trellis, for countless items, including tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers.

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