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Moles are organic Gardeners best friend.

I have lots of Moles in my yard and garden, they EAT, cut worms, wasp larva, termites, ants, roaches, grubs, bugs, spiders, all insects. Moles are not vegetarians. Moles also till my soil making it nice and soft. A 1 quart glass mason jar in the bottom of a mole tunnel will catch live moles they fall into the jar and can not get out so you can trap they from someone elses yard and move them to your yard. Moles are organic no toxic poisons needed to kill insects.

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I also have tons of them and I believe it's why I don't have an infestation of snails any longer. When I first started mulching the snail population went thru the roof, but over time the predators came in, including the moles. Nature always seeks a balance :mrgreen:

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I started keeping my garden covered at the end of 2016. When I've uncovered certain parts to work I've noticed their surface burrow paths. Additionally I saw one when uncovering a certain portion. Hopefully they are nothing but helpers!

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