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New to forum and trying to grow coffee. :)

Hello guys. I'm new to this forum. I am a tropical fish breeder and an aquascaper/planted tank enthusiast. I basically work with aquatic plants. My aquatic plant hobby is so interesting, and it's amazing working on ecosystems to turn fish poop into the nutrients that keep the aquatic plants alive and gorgeous. My hobby extended into terrestrial plant growing which I have also found interesting. I am very new to the terrestrial plant/gardening scene. I am only interested in plants that fruit/produce something. I currently have a couple of tomato plants, a jalapeno plant, a red chili pepper plant, a basil plant, a blueberry plant, and a lot of coffee plants (most interesting plant to me).

I have set up some aquaponics systems and have had success with those, I have 1 tomato, some coffee plants and some jalapenos and basil in the aquaponics/hydroponics setups. I just had some questions with growing terrestrial plants. I have never had luck with fruit plants because they are so hard to grow and keep healthy. The blueberry plant I have I have had for two summers, and I didn't even know it would live through the winter. (I live in chicago so it's very cold here in the winters). Either way, I think it may not have produced fruit because 1. it is probably very young, or 2. it can't produce fruit because it is in a dormant stage. Either way I put it in a pot, I used my "main mix" that I use for my terrestrial plants.

I use some peat moss, and some miracle gro organic choice as well as some perlite. I mix all that together and throw the plant in. I just planted it now so I will see how it is. It looks very healthy for what it's been through.

Any other easy to grow fruit plants? vegetables are great too. I love me some fresh fruit!! :)

As for the coffee, I can easily emulate the humidity they need, I have a small system I set up that vaporizes water and emits it around the plant. I have the plant wrapped in a plastic bag that is sealed so it can receive the humidity. How far can I place the coffee plants apart? I have about 9 stems I bought like 4 months ago and they are all healthy, about 8 inches tall. I don't know if I can put two in the same pot or if they will eventually outgrow it and fight eachother for nutrients and light.

I don't know if it's worth it to buy a pot and set it up for each coffee plant, because miracle grow organic choice is pretty expensive for a bag. I could move them when they grow too big but idk if that's going to work. Thanks much. Please help me!! If you are interested in purchasing tropcial fish from me, (or setting up a tank and want help) Message me.

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Re: New to forum and trying to grow coffee. :)

Nice forum. Thanks for the replies. :/

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Re: New to forum and trying to grow coffee. :)

Hmm... I feel like we should move your thread to the hydroponics forum rather than the organic gardening.

Did you notice I bumped my coffee thread last night? :arrow: Subject: COFFEE SEED IS SPROUTING!

I didn't feel like I had the right answers for your questions since I have zero hydroponic and aquaponic experience, but hoped my little coffee growing adventure might be of interest. :wink:
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Re: New to forum and trying to grow coffee. :)

Is the one blueberry the only blueberry? Did it produce flowers? Most are not self pollinating and require a different variety for pollination. Top hat is the exception but you'll have to let it stay in one place for at least 2 to 3 years to give the roots a chance to settle and grow before you can expect fruit.

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