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Overgrown raised garden

I have an overgrown raised garden beds. 6 4x4 squares. I haven't worked in them for at least 4 yrs. I wanted to start over. Can I use weed/grass killer to kill off everything this yr and start fresh next season? Will the poison linger for next yrs garden?

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Re: Overgrown raised garden

For less than the cost of a defoliant, a potato fork will let you break up weeds. Which can then start your compost pile.

You won't need to delay planting for a year or more, if you forego herbicide.
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Re: Overgrown raised garden

Depending on the kind of weeds it should not take that long to clean it up, but it will be hard work. After you get it cleaned up add more compost and fertilizer and you should be good to go. Remember to put the garden to bed and cover it until you need it again.
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