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Best Organic Gardening Book

What is the best book for the Organic Gardener? I want to be more specific though. I love growing lots of different vegetables, flowers, and herbs, pretty much as many as I can afford to. I am looking for a book that lists a wide variety of vegetables and maybe several techniques for growing them. For example, how many techniques are there for growing carrots? What are they and what is the process. I have heard of people growing carrots in the ground in rows but I have also seen people grow giant carrots in pipes filled with sand. Is there a gardening book that lists all the techniques for all vegetables.

If there isn't a book like this, is there a book that is the most complete organic gardening book ever written? Is it commonly accepted as the best organic gardening book? I love that different plants have different needs and different processes for planting and I want to learn about that. Thanks for any tips.

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Re: Best Organic Gardening Book

I think for a basic book Rodale's is probably the best all around. ... ing-plants ... ble-garden ... 1605296775

The Vegetable Gardener's Bible by Edward Smith (A to Z encyclopedia of vegetables, organic techniques)

How to Grow More Vegetables by Jon Jeavons (Biointensive)

The Essential Gardener by Derek Fell. Good all around book for gardening techniques A to Z of vegetables, annuals, bulbs, landscaping design, planning a vegetable garden, and herbs.

Teaming with Microbes

Teaming with Nutrients

The 'best' book really depends on your needs and how technical you want to be and also how comprehensive. If you are interested in basic techniques, vegetable gardening or you want to expand into landscaping design and planning.

The best books will cover
building healthy soil (composting, feeding the soil web)
Selecting the best plants for your area
Watering wisely
Diversification and planting to attract beneficial insects,, natural insect control and reducing pesticide use. This should include monitoring, establishing a threshold, RESTRAINT from grabbing the pesticides, selecting the right mix of plants.
Garden planning to maximize use of space and increase yields and reduce the work.
Most of the time it takes more than one book and if you live in a specific climate zone, like I live in the tropics, I need specific books for gardening in the tropics as I grow different plants and some of the information in the general books would not always apply.
Happy gardening in Hawaii. Gardens are where people grow.

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