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Where can I buy plain Perlite and Peat Moss?

I have some Pinguicula Gigantea seeds that I want to start as soon as possible. After reading a lot about the plant, I've learned that it's very delicate. I've never grown carnivorous plants before, and I don't want to mess it up.

I don't want to use the Miracle Gro Perlite or Peat Moss that is every where, because of the fertilizer. And I can't find any that directly says it does not contain additives or fertilizers. So I figured I would communicate with the professionals and get their opinions and learn from their insight.

Ideally, I don't want to pay a ton of money for an 8 quart bag. I just don't want something that has fertilizer in it or additives.

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Re: Where can I buy plain Perlite and Peat Moss?

You must have a Blue Seal © Feed Store near you (or at least they did when I lived in VT in the seventies). You can get peat and agricultural perlite there.
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Re: Where can I buy plain Perlite and Peat Moss?

if there is a local agricultural supplier near you, you may be able to buy direct from them or at least find out what places carry their products. Home depot sells small bags of perlite and they do sell both compressed and uncompressed peat moss. The miracle grow brand of peat moss is uncompressed. Compressed peat moss is usually sold in 3.8 cu ft bales. Do not buy the Alaska brand, it has a lot of rubbish in it. If there is a carnivorous plant society or orchid society in your area try to go to their meetings. Usually they can tell you where to get peat moss, perlite, or long fiber sphagnum moss. Do not use basket moss it is of inferior quality. You can get builders' sand from most home improvement centers where they sell concrete. Dolomite lime is sold where the fertilizers are to adjust pH. If you buy perlite you want the larger no. 3 grade. The no. 2 grade is very fine and the coarser grade will allow more air space. This is best purchased from an agricultural supplier since the folks at home depot probably won't know the difference and the one that home depot sells is the no. 2, fine grade which is o.k. if you are making your own potting soil in small quantities but too fine for orchids or where you want good aeration.

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Re: Where can I buy plain Perlite and Peat Moss?

Most garden stores, even many big box. I bought my last bag of perlite from home depot. They have this nice feature that you can order on line to be shipped to your local store for free shipping, then pick up at the store. Small's hardware and other stores do the same. I have bought mushroom compost and lots of garden supplies that way.
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Re: Where can I buy plain Perlite and Peat Moss?

Yup - I also have always been able to find plain Perlite & Peat Moss at both Lowe's & Home Depot.
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Re: Where can I buy plain Perlite and Peat Moss?

Lowes carries something called nursery mix that contains no fertilizer. It is the only thing I have found that doesn't have fertilizer. I use it for starting my plants in the spring often mixed with core. The problem is you don't need very much of that large bag.

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