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Re: First Organic Thyme

Looks good -- nice dark color on the leaves. A little stretched out (length of stem between leaves -- internodes) so will be happier with more sun... Try to move the pot to sunnier locations gradually until at least 6 hrs sun. And keep on the dry side.

You can start pinching/clipping the very tip of the shoots -- I see at least 6-7 tiny tips -- enough to scatter on your next salad or float on a bowl of soup. If nervous, just pinch/clip three and see how they grow side shoots, then do the same to others. Let at least a couple of paired sets of leaves grow again then clip some more tips.

They will need to be uppotted to 7-8" pots at the very least -- bigger the better. Once they really get going, you'll be giving them wholesale haircuts regardless of little bits of leaves getting scattered everywhere. :wink:

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Thyme likes desert conditions, sandy well drained soil, 15 hours of full sun every day, and hot weather. Sun will make the plant bush out. Roots like to be soil temperature about 65 degrees F while the plant is outside air temperature. Give your plants what they like and they will be happy.

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Very nice. I find starting rosemary and thyme challenging from seed so I usually do mine from divisions or cuttings.

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15 hours of sun? Currently day length here is 13.5 hrs. Around the summer solstice it will be almost 15. Anything that couldn't survive on less sun than that would be extinct by now. Six hours a day of direct sun will be fine.

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