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spring strawberry cleaning..

hello...newbie to the sight..lifelong gardener/ landscaper....we are experiencing a spring thaw here in the mountains of the western united states....so as I was out trimming the apple trees today...I thought of burning out the grasses in the strawberry fields....is this a bad idea....it seems when I rake out the dead grass.. I always shread the leaves off the plants...anyone see the harm of burning the dead quack out????

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Re: spring strawberry cleaning..

cedar, if you are a life long gardener/landscaper, what has your experience shown in the past?

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Re: spring strawberry cleaning..

I don't think you want to burn a strawberry bed. They are awake and ready to grow, and shallow rooted. Dead grass isn't a problem. They are basically mulch. Maybe pile more mulch between the rows and concentrate on pulling between the strawberry plants in the row?

Hm... How do you have yours planted?
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