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Organic Homemade Soil Additives (fert. + pest control)

Okay, so I don't want to use chemicals on my plants (either fertilizer or bug spray) and I like DIY-ing. I decided to create this, a place to share formulas for all homemade fertilizers and pest control. Please explain how to make it and also state whether it's fertilizer or bug repellant, and whether it may harm certain plants or plant parts. For instance:

These are two related bug repellants that can be made every time you drink a coffee:

USED coffee grounds repel many common pests when mixed into soil. The water you give the plant leaches through the grounds, becoming a sort of ultra-diluted caffeine solution. The plant will not be harmed, but insects do not like caffeine!

You can also spray a coffee-water solution on the whole plant.

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