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I am looking to add some raspberries around my house. I know that some raspberries grow quite well in my area. If any of you have any suggestions for some good heirloom varieties it would be much appreciated!

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Re: Raspberries

I don't, but I will just warn you to be careful with raspberries. I would give them their own bed, with edging around it that goes at least a foot deep. They spread by runners and by seed (which the birds scatter when they eat your raspberries). I planted a couple raspberry plants in a shady spot, in bad soil and I am now painfully ripping out raspberries from all over my yard.

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Re: Raspberries

I second what rainbowgardener said. They definitely spread pretty fast and I get more and more up every year. Mine are in their own little area about 8ft away from anything else (separated by concrete). So nothing has spread anywhere else.

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