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Best Time Transplant Lavender, Sage, & Japanese Maple?

hello everyone! so I have recently purchased a perennial lavender and a sage plant. we already have two japanese maples(they aren't doing so well) and I really don't know what I'm doing so I was doing research and found this website and was wondering if anyone could help me? like when the best time to transplant these plants and and organic tips you guys have!

please and thank you :D

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Re: Best Time Transplant Lavender, Sage, & Japanese Maple?

Where are you located and how severe your winters are. Lavender and sage need wind protection and good drainage in a spot that gets full sun.

If you live in a mild climate, it depends on your lavender cultivar. Most lavenders go up to zone 8 but only a couple will do well in zone 10 in the ground.

If you are going to put them in the ground, I would at least wait until September or October for the weather to cool. It is not the best idea to transplant during the hot days of late summer, it is a lot of stress on any plant.

Lavender will have to cut be back every year around January. Do not cut into old wood. Heavy rains will cause the foliage on the bottom of the plant to turn black. Hint: Water the base of the lavender and not the leaves allow it to dry between watering.

Which sage do you have? The herb or the ornamental one?

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Re: Best Time Transplant Lavender, Sage, & Japanese Maple?

This is where location makes a big difference! I harvest lavender from my MIL's house in Palo Alto (Sunset zone 15) in late July/early August. It's at its most fragrant then.

I don't have perennial sage or Japanese maple, so unfortunately can't advise on them. :(

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