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Re: Question about soaker hoses

I do as mother nature does and water at sun down or after dark

Me too. I overhead water. I'm also going against Mother Nature. I water July through September when it doesn't rain here. Well, but not at night


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Re: Question about soaker hoses

I have a drip system some parts are emitters, mini sprinklers and soakers. The soakers last a few years but do end up clogging. The newer ones are pressure compensating, but they still can clog and I prefer the older ones because I need the holes to be closer than 1 foot. There is also hydrogro which is a flat soaker, that one is not intended to last more than a season and is fine if you plant in straight rows, but I don't so I need the flexibility of a 1/4 inch soaker. The ones made from recycled tires do not last very long and clog the fastest.
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