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topsy turvy

hell all,

I brought a few topsy turvy products - tomato, pepper and strawberry baskets. first time with a hanging vegetable garden.

Any suggestions for those who have experience with it? Also in the instructions it says to use the lid, but looking at it the lid seems like it would restrict water from getting in. anyone have any other thoughts/benefits on the lid?

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Hi! We had a little discussion about the TT here:
https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/v ... hp?t=50604

I have had good success with the TT for tomatoes. I tried peppers in the tomato planter as that was all they had when I first started using the bags, but they weren't as successful. After looking at photos of the newer TT Pepper Planter, I think that would work much better and should do fine. I grew some peppers in the tomato planter but the strong upward growth kept forcing them against the planter itself. I believe the TT Pepper Planter with the planting holes in the side has solved that problem and they would do fine.

I haven't used the TT Strawberry Planter but I have grown strawberries in strawberry jars and other hanging pots and they should do fine as well. Be sure to plant the strawberries so the crowns of the plants are even with the top of the soil. Strawberries planted too deeply may rot, and shallow planting may cause the roots to dry out. For those who may not know, the crown of the strawberry plant is where the roots meet the main stem.

I always use the lids on my TT planters. Water will go through the hole in the lid and my personal feeling is that the lids will slow evaporation a little bit and help protect the roots. But I have not tried them without the lid.

Because the TT planters can dry out more quickly, maintaining water to the plants can become critical. The tomato planters especially need a lot of watering when the weather is hot and when the plants have grown large and have fruit.


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