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I've looked up worm composting and I'll probably include it in my world domination plan for this summer. I don't want to put too much on my plate though, else I might just not accomplish anything. I want to set up a rainwater collector, grow a garden and start composting all at the same time so I'll have to cut the right corners so as not to botch anything.

Thanks for everything all!
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I totally agree about starting small, so as not to overwhelm yourself. I don't know if you have said how big an area you are talking about. If you take on too much and can't keep up with it and it all goes to weeds, you will just frustrate yourself and not want to do it again. Two or three 8 x 4' bed areas (whether raised or not) would really be plenty to start with while you are getting everything set up and going and learning what you are doing. If it goes well, you can keep adding to it in subsequent seasons.
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What Rainbow said. Jeavons recommends that the first-year gardener try for no more than 100 sq. feet (9 or so sq. m) of cultivated area. It may not seem like much right now, but when added to work, household obligations, that rain collector, and the composting start-up, will be enough to keep you very busy. :)

Start small, get some skills under your belt, and then expand that world-domination plan. :twisted: (A phrase which, BTW, I love!)


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