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Organic Romaine Hearts? Aphids?

So, this doesnt pertain to my own garden but recently I purchased a bag of Organic Romaine Hearts from Private Selection & was cutting it, when I realized there were tiny bugs on the inside...some were green almost like an aphid? There was only about 3 bugs all in all, but they were inside the plant so I knew it wasnt just a nat who flew over. Should I call them about this? I know some yippy customer would freak out seeing bugs but being a gardener myself, I understand why its there. But anyways, should I call them about this?

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why would you call them? 3 tiny bugs is not an infestation and aphids are harmless (to people). If you had not seen them and eaten them, it wouldn't have hurt you. To me it is a good sign that your organic produce is actually organic.

It is a reminder that we should always wash produce, including organic produce, including stuff from our gardens. It may not have any poisons on it, but there's nothing to say it might not be harboring some garden dirt, small insects, etc...

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Now that you know there's a possibility of finding...ah...unexpected protein sources in the romaine hearts, I'll share a tip.

I use this method of soaking leafy greens, broccoli, and other veggies with lots of impossible-to-get-to spots. I pick the veggies, bring them into the kitchen, and soak them once in water in the sink.

Let that water drain away. Now I add approx. 1 tsp. salt to the sink and soak again. :twisted: Warm water helps open the pores of the veggies so that the...unexpected protein creatures...can be exposed to the full effects of the salt. Swish the veggies around in the water a few times. Let the water drain away.

Rinse the salt (there isn't much, but for someone like me, there's still too much) off the veggies. They ought to be simply veggies by now. :)

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Always wash produce from the store thoroughly -- you don't know who's been touching it... Maybe it fell on the floor. The ones in the bags have had more chance for mold and bacteria to incubate in the moist environment. :x

I feel safer with my garden dirt compared to unknown contaminants. :wink:

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