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Fish Fertilizer?

Hey. I was wondering what you guys think about the liquid fish fertilizer? Pros/Cons? Thanks! The stuff I'm looking at is 5-1-1.

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I used it last year with great success. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's stinky. I switched to a seaweed/bat guano fertilizer this year.

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I have used it for years and it works fine for me.

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It's really good stuff, but I can't use it because the critters (especially cats and raccoons) go crazy and dig everything up looking for the fish.

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The fish fertilizer for me seemed to grow a bigger plant, but not neccesarily a more fruitful plant. Hasta-Gro fertilizer so far is my favorite because it has more phosphorus in it, which I was told that is the nutrient needed to develop fruit.

Watch out if you have a dog too. They like it--especially my hound that knocked over the bottle and drank some of it! :roll:

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The plants love it, and so do the Raccoons! I've already had a few plants ripped up because they're looking for that little fishy they smell in the soil :-(

I've been bringing plants I recently fertilized in at night.

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I use the Alaska brand fish stuff. This was discussed on another thread I think. It is fish based, but not truly organic. It is deodorized, which I appreciate! As I have mostly herbs am selective. There are now about 150 containers and some in-ground herbs & flowers. Most of the herbs do better with lean soil, which means they don't grow real fast! My one exception is basil. I try to fish that 1/week, and sometimes hit the chives and tarragon to urge growing. The rest I do about 1/month.

I mix approx 1/2 cup in a 5 gal bucket of water, and dip that onto the plants with a large plastic folgers coffee can.

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