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I Found A Goldmine!!!!

I spoke to my wonderful friend Adrian today. He is the friend who helped me choose my beautiful black Arabian mare Lady Ashen a few years ago!


Well, Adrian is a farmer who lives nearby and he has a few large round bales of partially decomposed hay that he will GIVE me!

I am doing a happy dance of joy! Soon, I will have enough spoiled hay to mulch all of my young orchard, my roses, my herb bed, my grapevines, a new vegetable bed for squashes, cucumbers, and pumpkins, my garden paths, build a compost heap, and still have hay left over! I get giddy just thinking about the rich soil I will create!

I feel like I really have found gold! Black gold that is.........

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Congrats! thats a nice hook up! Hope it goes as far as u think it will lol. I am always equally surprised how much hay is in one bale, and how far it doesn't go. :) Regardless, your garden will be better with than without it that's for sure!

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