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Good point. Wood ash can indeed have an alkaline effect on soil Ph. I didn't bother mentioning it because in order to change your soil’s Ph level a whole point or more with wood ash you need to incorporate roughly one pound of ash to every ten sq. ft. of soil. This is typically done in the fall so the ash has adequate time to acclimate. As long as you don't heap mounds of ash around your plants it shouldn’t affect your PH. A small ring around each plant, two fingers wide, should be plenty to turn the slugs away.

I've heard saucers of grape juice, or even beer, placed around your garden works well to attract slugs away from your plants. Check them in the middle of the night and gather up the slugs and relocate them away from your garden. I've never tried this, but it's another more natural option to consider.

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TheSilverSurvivor wrote:I've heard saucers of...
I've heard many things about slug/snail control, but what I actually *do* is hunt them down and dispatch them--personally and on the spot. It's 100% effective, it's organic, and there is NO recidivism. :twisted:

Which is why I'm always talking about Snail/Slug Hunting and how to do it (with regard to the time of day/night, weather conditions for daytime hunting, useful tools if one just Is Not Going to touch the horrid things with bare hands, etc.) based on my unfortunately many years of experience with these plant-eating gastropods.

I've tried other methods, both from gardening books and on the Internet, to control slugs/snails, but as they haven't worked for me personally, I don't mention them.

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