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Making progress!

I planted two varieties of carrots and some parsnips today! I also got the drip tape irrigation system set up today so I can add lines as I plant this spring. Almost 90 degrees here today.

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Time to be planting other stuff!

Keep the carrots well watered. They prefer cooler temperatures for sprouting. They are usually planted "as soon as the ground can be worked." So they may or may not sprout for you planted in 90 deg heat.
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Re: Making progress!

I just checked the national weather. There is a heat bubble over central Kansas
but it is snowing in E Colorado and the cold is headed your way.

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I agree, time to plant new things in that scorching 90 degree temperature! Maybe some squash, pumpkins, string beans, cucumbers or even potatoes. They are all great to plant when its hot!

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Wow 90 degrees, we are still freezing at night. Hope you cool down later this spring. Most vegetables germination temperatures are best at 75-80 degrees.
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We have cooled down now! We were gifted with 1.6" of rain Monday night and more rain Tuesday night! Perfect to get those seeds started in the right direction! We've cooled down to more seasonal weather, 38 degrees last night and in the 60's during the day.

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