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Soil Test

I have a 10000 sq foot garden in Illinois and just got my test results back with little help from the agency with interpretation. My results are:

All lbs/Acre

Phosphorus 29
Potassium 264
Calcium 2673
Magnesium 316
Organic matter 2.0
Cation exchange 10.2

% CA 65.6
% Mg 13
% K 3.4

I did the test in the spring and will be adding in 3000 lbs of composted manure. Any thoughts on my test and what I will need if anything. I have a complete fertilizer (organic) that I will be usind to side dress or dig in with the plants. Thanks.

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Maybe this will help, I hope this link works!

Who is the lab you used?

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You're looking really good actually across the board. Here's a link to a break down of the info for future reference.

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