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Citrus leaf miner problem

WHat sorts of flower can I plant around my Lemon tree because it has leaf miner.I have been told that certain flowers attract insects that eat this leaf miner,
Or what else can I do?
I also have vegetables in that same garden;tomatoes,peppers,cilantro,basil.
I live in Aruba where it is very hot and sunny....

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Hi Gini, try looking at the beneficial insects sticky in the organic forum

I'm thinking that Minute Pirate bugs would be good insects to attract as well as some other predators.... however, you do live in Aruba an probably have different insect fauna and not to mention different flora than we do here.

Try looking up: Insect Predators AND Aruba (in theat context) on Google.

Once you find what insects you have down there it shouldn't be to hard to find out what plants to plant to attract them.

For now, I will offer this advice: plant flowers with a high nectar content, this will attract various beneficials.

Don't use a pesticide as this will do more harm that good.

Good luck!

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Hi Gini,

Some great advice from Opabinia. The green lacewing is a predator of citrus leafminer. This site has some helpful info.

This site says they are often found in mint fields. Do be careful when planting mint as it can become invasive. Maybe mint in pots would be helpful. I found another site that recommends planting lots of nectar producing flowers to attract them as Opabinia mentioned.

I found this California site about using biological methods against the citrus leafminer but it's geared more to those who grow large groves of citrus. I don't know if you will be able to find the predators you need from it but it does have some helpful info. You might be able to get the traps.

This Florida site also has some good info on biological control.


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