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watering in new plants with a soil amendment

I saw a video on a member's website (florida hill nursery) and recommended watering in new plants at the beginning and every few months with an "organic nutrient" if I read it correctly. Has anyone had any good experience with a particular one that I could find? Organic only, please, as I want to keep things natural and safe for my family, plants and pets.

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I use steeped compost tea or AACT. (Sticky at top of Compost Forum :wink: )

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I think water works really well for watering in. Feed the soil not the plant.


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If you start with good soil, enriched with 20-30% organic compost you won't need to feed your plants at all. Over-feeding is a common mistake and can easily poison your plants. At the most, give them a small drink of compost, or manure tea (diluted 10-15 to one with clean water) once a month, but only if your soil is not already rich in nutrients. Always water and feed your soil, not your plants.

Fill a bucket to 1/4 with seasoned manure or compost, fill the bucket to 3/4 with water. Set a loose lid on and let it ferment for a week. Strain off and dilute. It won't smell very good to you but your plants will love it!

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