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Strawberry- not giving fruit

Hii everybody. I sowed strawberries around 6 months back. They are being grown organically. They have still not produced fruits. only this month they started to flower but still no fruits. White flowers develop and later they fall off. I am attaching some pictures. If anyone can tell me what is the problem , it would be a great help.[img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][color=darkblue][/color]

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Your pix didn't come through. Detailed instructions for posting pictures here are in New to Helpful Gardener? under Helpful Tips and Suggestions for new Members. Bottom line is you can't upload them directly from your computer, they have to be already on-line at some photo hosting site.
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First year strawberries often don't give fruits or if they do, its only a few on a plant. They use their energy to make root growth.
Next year you should see lots of improvement.

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Are they getting too much nitrogen? Usually if they flower a fruit will follow, even if it's the first year. Are there any pollinators around? If not, you may have to hand pollinate.

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Strawberries can not be grown in India unless it complies to larger steps of shelter accommodating their temperature and humidity. Such as a ployhouse with hydroponics.

There are three varieties of strawberries, so one should get to know their variety best suited for the climate, as well as blooming time, genetic resistance and harverst season.

EVER-BEARING: which produce two small crops, one in late spring, and the second early fall.

DAY-NEUTRAL: produces fruit from June til first frost which flowers at the tempertaures about 85 degrees. Which in warmer climates they need Mulching, providing midday shade and sprinkler irrigation which can help provide the cooler midsummer environment needed to continue initiating flower buds.

JUNE BEARING:concentrates harvest during late spring and flowers during shorter day lengths of fall

One should remove flowers up to the plants first 6 months of being planted, concentrate in giving them plenty of moisture at least one inch of water per week their first growing season
Strawberries need some type of cold conditions and humidity to grow successfully. In fall lay a blanket of compost at least 3 inches think

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