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HI,I don't know if I have done the right thing,I have introduce myself where it said"introduce yourself" :lol: I know,Im clever.

But is in this one where I like to take part,so I wll introduce myself again.

I lived in Sevilla (Southern Spain) the hotest part of the whole universe... at least at the moment,we are having 35º and is even hard to sleep,so imagine the plants, the poor things don't know what hits them and they are drying fast.

Waiting for mid September to plant the winter vegetables and having a rest in between.

Once I know how I will bring up some photos of my plot,at the moment I have to read the forum so I know a little about you all.


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Hola, Julio! That's the whole extent of my Spanish :oops: Welcome to the forum. We look forward to seeing photos of your plants. It's not so hot here. I am in the north country USA. We will have highs in the 80's (upper 20's celsius) for another three weeks and then drop down to 70's(lower 20's celsius). It's lovely to sleep with the window open at night, when it gets down to the upper 40's (around 8 celsius) and lower 50's (around 11 celsius). 35, which I see is around 95 fahrenheit, will not happen again here until next July!
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Marber .You found the forum,but my post is "one organic kitchen in the suthern from spain"

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