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green peppers and zucchini(squash)

Hi! :? I was hoping someone could please post a picture of a flower, or the way I can tell my pepper plant are ready to produce. Also, what causes a healthy squash plant to yellow and die? I never planted either one before. Thank-you!

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    Cut the squash off the plant don't pull it it disturbes the roots! Wood chips or wood mulch seem to bother squash! Sometimes a deer will move a squash and hurt the roots as will other animals! Even a strong wind can hurt the roots!

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    You can see a pepper flower at [url=]Purdue University Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture[/url]. You will know your pepper plant is ready to produce when it flowers. You will know whether or not the flower will become a pepper when the stem thickens and elongates. The flowers that aren't pollinated, meaning they will turn into a pepper, eventually turn yellow and drop off.

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