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Colorado - Everything going to seed

I live in Pueblo, Colorado which is a high plains desert. We have had only one light rain lasting about 10 minutes since last fall.

Everything in the garden is going to seed early. This is great for things where I eat the seeds, but not so great for other things like Choi which went to seed after being just a few inches tall.

Also, root crops are maturing VERY early. I already have large turnips, a little smaller than a tennis ball. We already have beets about ping pong ball size. Last year, that didn't happen until mid-July.

The corn I planted from seed just 2 weeks ago is already 6 to 8 inches tall. The volunteer corn that came up in late April is approaching knee high.

This year, I've pretty much ignored weeds except to clear a little area around small plants. When they get big, I just cut them off near the surface. I don't pull anything. The experiment seems to be working. The soil under the surface is much moister than last year when I used a scuffle hoe each day to be completely weed free.

It's almost as if everything is rushing to produce seed. Either because the drought will continue or because we will have an early winter. I don't suspect my weed experiment as another gardener I met yesterday is seeing the same things and she keeps the weeds clear.

Production is great and yesterday we gave a box of vegetables to a friend in exchange for something he wanted to sell. It's just curious and we are eating a little differently than last year

I've noticed the PH of the soil is lower this year than last year at this time. At this point in the season last year, it was 7.0. This year, it's 6.5. I didn't add anything to the soil to change the PH. Nor will I. I figure nature knows best.

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It's interesting, thats for sure! We are about 3 weeks late this year with the cold to cool weather then blast furnace heat we've been having. I have tomato's set on with plants 2 foot tall! The drought is causing me to water like crazy too. Pulled the spinach this week, it bolted, but that's not unexpected with this heat. Even with water with a sprinkle each day the green beans didn't come up too well, I guess I'll try planting another crop next month for fall beans.

It's definately a learning year!

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:( Oh I hope you are wrong on having an early winter!!!! Winter comes too early as it is! But honestly it doesn't sound good does it? Mother Nature telling us to get busy and prepare ahead???? :?

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