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liquid organic fertalizer/manure tea

I make, what we call manure tea. It is easy to make and very beneficial to your plants. I get a bucket or horse manure from my neighbour, place it in an old pillow case, tie it tight with a piece of rope. I then place a stick across a water barrel, full of water, tie the other end of the rope to the stick and lower the pillow case into the water. I leave it sit for a couple of days, don't cover it. After 3 or 4 days remove the bag of manure. Add 1/2 cup of plain dish soap and 4 cups of epson salts, stir well with the closest garden tool, (hoe, shovel). Put a couple of gallons into a 5 gallon bucket, add water until it resembles weak tea. This is important as you don't want to have it too strong and damage your plants. :)

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why the dish soap?

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