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How to know when potatoes are ready to be harvested?!

I planted yukon potatoes a few weeks ago and am not quite sure what to look for for when they are ready. Can anyone give me some helpful hints? Thanks so much!

Ashlee :P

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The plants will bloom and then set berries and die back. Depending on the size of potato you want, you should be harvesting between the point where you see berries (smaller tubers), and the point where the plants have completely cakked it (larger tubers).

Also, once you've got green growth on top, keep hilling them! Most first-time growers neglect this step and are then disappointed when their harvests are smaller than they expect. Just pile more dirt up around the stems every week or so.

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Generally with Yukon Gold you want to wait until the vines die back because they are keeper not new potatoes, so I wouldn't disturb them until then. When the plants get about 14-16 inches high hill them either with soil or straw up to half their height. If they keep growing taller, hill them up more. The last thing you want is green potatoes. (the green part is poisonous- night shade family). Old times say that you should leave keepers in the ground up to two weeks after vines die back, but as long as they are mostly dried up you should be fine. After you dig them let them dry off well before you store them for the winter. Note potatoes need regular watering from the time they start blooming until they start dying back, if you want a good harvest.

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I'm a nitwit. I just pulled up one and cooked it. It was great. We never peel potatoes because the peel has the good stuff. I asked my wife why she peeled these. She said I didn't. I thought they were great and told her so. I got lucky that night. I love potatoes.

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