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Thank You to the forum for your interest and support

A few months ago, I posted some questions in the forum looking for ideas for a community garden project I am heading. Everyone who responded was helpful and interested and I would like to thank you for that. I would also like to give a little update on the project.

We build a raised bed garden on top of some abandoned tennis courts in Salt Lake City. The courts haven't had nets up in over 10 years and are (were) hideous beyong belief. We now have 56 beds, over 40 member families and 3 gnomes sharing the garden. Lowe's sponsored the build and provided all of the materials.

Again, thanks!

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That is pretty cool! Sounds like you didn't have a problem getting folks to participate.

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:D That's wonderful. It took someone to start it off, and look what happened!!!! WOW! Just goes to show how many people really wanted to get their hands in the dirt and garden!!! I think you did a wonderful thing. Keep up the fantastic work. :wink:

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Sounds brilliant and so many other people will benefit.

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