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Potential contamination?

Hello! I just talked with my neighbor who told me he was planning on using a grub killer and weed killer on his lawn this weekend. I have a large vegetable garden along the fence that separates our yards. Will this affect my garden?!?! I am wanting to grow all of my vegetables/fruit organically without any contamination. Should I be worried? Thanks for your help!

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Herbicides work all too well on garden vegetables.

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Granular or liquid? If he is spraying liquid it could drift over your garden and do some damage. At least he is a nice guy and warned you what his plans are... Too bad he is married to poisons for his lawn.

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Unfortunately, there is a tendency to place the veg garden at the edge of a small property. It would help if your property sits higher above the grade/slope than the neighbor's. If at all possible, it's probably better to maintain even a small buffer space of ornamentals or have a solid fence separating the properties.

Believe me, I would design some of my own garden spaces differently if I could, though I'm making small changes year to year. :|

One good way is to change your perspective and consider edible landscaping -- I.e. Don't limit yourself to a dedicated vegetable garden. :wink:

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what do you mean by edible landscaping? that really interested me..

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Edible Forest.

Canopy, Fruit and nut tress etc....
Under story, Currants, gooseberries, aronia etc....
Forest floor, vegetables, strawberries, clover, vetch, comfrey etc.....

Layered just like nature.


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