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Something is killing my green beans. But what?

Something is killing my green beans. I was pretty sure is was leaf miners, but I've seen a lot of posts that say the damage they cause is negligable.

First, I see the white winding trails then the leaves turn brown. Next, they ALL fall off, leaving only a stem that eventually dries out and dies. -wall- I have checked for bugs and can't find any. Checking at dawn, creeping around in the dark of night, periodically throught out the day! Nothing.

I am very new to gardening and trying to do it organically. Reading as fast as I can but my working knowledge is still dismal at best. I am aslo starting to see evidence of leaf miners throught out my garden. Is the subject line product a viable solution. Read the MSDS. :? Still looking up the terms I couldn't define. PLEASE HELP.

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Interesting problem, frustrating I'm sure! I hope someone comes along with a solution and a cause. I'd try Neem oil.

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Neem won't defend against active leaf miners. They are *inside* the leaf tissues. Neem kills on contact with the insect, but the active leaf miners are protected from such contact.

Let me go find the recent threads we had on destructive leaf miners in Florida.... "back" in a few...

[url=]"I'm desperate; leaf miners out of control"[/url]

[url=]"What is this on my plants?"[/url]

[url=]"Got advice from an independent garden center..."[/url] (read down this thread for a few posts; the first "advice" the OP got was stunningly useless)

Best wishes in the Leaf Miner Battle/War.

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